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How many loan applications* have you processed in the last 12 months?

You could have saved $500,000 using LoanBeam.

*Using Tax Returns

Automated Income Analysis

Save time and money by streamlining and automating your qualifying income calculations.

Save Time with LoanBeam

Save Time

LoanBeam takes about 30 minutes to do 1.5 hours of work and shortens the application-to-funding time by at least two days on average.

Save Money with LoanBeam

Save Money

LoanBeam saves our customers an average of $200 per application. Labor costs alone are generally reduced by 55%.

LoanBeam has Proven Reliability

Proven Reliability

LoanBeam’s OCR technology is 99.7% accurate. Bringing you the functionality you need with the reliability you deserve.

Increase Accuracy with LoanBeam

Increase Accuracy

LoanBeam’s software automatically reads and organizes borrower tax documents eliminating transcription errors.

LoanBeam features a refined process

Refined Process

LoanBeam’s underlying OCR technology has been refined over fourteen years and millions of scanned tax documents.

LoanBeam features transparent analysis

Transparent Analysis

LoanBeam uses cutting edge data extraction and verification tools to reduce the chance of file manipulation.

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