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Income assessment is one of the most expensive, laborious, and risk-filled activities involved in loan approval.

Document collection, data entry, and income calculation requires costly support staff and complex interdepartmental exchange. And at the end of it all, income findings could still be inconsistent or inaccurate resulting in costly buy-backs.

Lenders using Loanbeam, however, take advantage of top-tier investor partnerships and industry-leading technology to simplify income assessment, eliminate operational redundancies, and increase income certainty.

Loanbeam combines patented OCR, data triangulation processes, and verification technologies to quickly and easily converts income documents into a succinct set of IRS-verified, investor-approved data values capable of being integrated into any process flow. This allows users — regardless of experience — to process borrower income faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Difference Makers

Rep and Warrant

Loanbeam’s APPSolute Tax solution is the only product on the market capable of providing rep and warrant relief on self-employed applications from both GSEs.

Integration Ready

Loanbeam’s RESTful APIs are integration- ready, making it easy to plug them into your technology stack.


Loanbeam’s patented PRISM technology triangulates income data points to validate data integrity.


Loanbeam’s technology is programmatically designed to read, extract, and calculate income data from a variety of sources, around the clock.

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