Mortgage lenders are looking for an edge. Searching for ways to do the same work faster than the competition.


But how do you process mortgage applications faster while maintaining data integrity?

Enter AIM for Self-Employed.

Freddie Mac and LoanBeam have partnered to develop an integrated income assessment solution. Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) asset and income modeler (AIM) for self-employed is powered by LoanBeam’s APPSolute Tax™ return analysis to help provide mortgage lenders greater confidence on applications containing self-employed income.


  • Cuts days out of your approval process
  • Helps achieve income confidence on your most complex deals
  • Provides a fully integrated solution
  • Helps reduce your compliance risk

The Process: 

  1. LoanBeam extracts income data from borrower tax returns.
  2. LoanBeam orders borrower IRS tax transcripts and compares it to the tax returns.
  3. Results display on the Income Calculation Report – automating a manual process early on to catch any issues and to help save you time.
  4. LPA compares data from tax returns to data from IRS tax transcript to determine if data matches.

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