APPSolute Certainty™

APPSolute Certainty™ combines trusted data sources and data intelligence to validate borrower income claims.


APPSolute Transcripts

APPSolute Transcripts™

APPSolute Transcripts™ provides lenders income validation services using certified IRS tax data.


Eliminate costly and time-consuming completion mistakes with pre-check validation process

Reduce or eliminate costly buy-backs with income certainty

Certify borrower income earlier in the risk review process

Order IRS data and perform income calculations* at the same time


*When combined with APPSolute Tax.


Quickly and easily send 4506-T applications to the IRS for processing

Secure access to certified IRS tax data

Quickly and easily validate income claims with trusted sources

Get IRS tax data in days, rather than weeks

Available for use within LoanBeam’s existing web platform

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