APPSolute Income™

APPSolute Income™ leverages LoanBeam’s patented Prism™ technology to extract, verify, and calculate income data from any income source. Lenders using APPSolute Income™ experience up-front income validation*, regardless of document type. Income documents are converted into consumable data points with the “press of a button,” flattening cycle times and improving borrower confidence.


APPSolute Tax™

APPSolute Tax™ leverages Prism™, Loanbeam’s extraction technology, to convert tax documents– regardless of complexity – into GSE-certified* “self-employed” income calculations and underlying consumable data points.


Reduces the risk assessment process by days

Provides up-front income security

Standardizes income assessment

Increases UW output

Bridges the “experience gap” for new staff

Reduces processing overhead

Scales to any process flow


Rep and warranty relief* for “Self-Employed” borrowers

GSE-specific income calculations

Calculation comparison for income maximization

Income data inconsistency detection

Integrates with major loan origination systems

RESTful APIs for simple automation

Verifies income against certified IRS data**

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APPSolute Wage™ (Coming Q2 2021)

APPSolute Wage™ (FKA “Simple Income Calculator”) leverages Prism™, Loanbeam’s proprietary extraction and triangulation software, to lift, verify, and accurately calculate income from pay stubs and W-2’s.


Calculates income on PDF-based pay stubs

Flattens income calculation timelines

Allows users to focus on risk assessment

Provides field-level data for custom consumption

Improves compliance risk with history tracking

Streamlines workflow


Calculates income from pay stubs and W-2’s in minutes

Programmatic calculations for consistency

Built on RESTful APIs for system automation

Prism™ technology validates income data automatically

Automated technology works around the clock

Presents income with a confidence score

Friendly user interface

Digitizes paper documents into consumable data points

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