API-enabled, PCI-compliant merchant services solution, capable of being installed anywhere. It specializes in processing mortgage fees with complex remittance requirements, such as appraisal fee payments. It can perform escrowing and multi-payment remitting, protecting the borrower, lender, and vendor.

How it works

Payment is captured via secure portal
Card is charged securely
LoanBeam pays you
LoanBeam deals with the disputes


  • Processes credit and debit cards safely
  • Reduces compliance and reputational risk by eliminating credit card data exchange
  • Saves time and money by outsourcing dispute management


  • PCI and TRID compliant
  • Dual IT locations for redundancy
  • SOC 2 compliant
  • API-enabled back-end accommodates custom integration
  • Web portal provides data capture without employee involvement
  • Offers dispute management

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