Leverages patent-pending data pairing technology (Prism™) to extract, sanitize, organize, and calculate income from pay stubs and W2s.

How it works

Pay stubs and W-2s are uploaded
LoanBeam’s Prism™ engine extracts income data
LoanBeam’s Prism™ engine sanitizes and organizes data
Income and data are communicated


  • Flattens income calculation timelines custom installation
  • Provides operational consistency
  • Improves compliance risk 
  • Built on field-level APIs for custom installation


  • Calculates income from pay stubs and W-2s in minutes
  • Leverages programmatic calculations for consistency
  • Built on RESTful APIs for system automation
  • Prism™ technology validates income data automatically
  • Automated technology which works around the clock

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