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Article (HousingWire): Quicken Home Loans announces that they will be using LoanBeam in their broker channel to improve self employment income calculation.

By December 4, 2018 No Comments

Quicken Loans announced it partnered with LoanBeam to streamline the application process for its broker partners.

Quicken Loans rolled out the tech to its partners last week, enabling them to submit and process tax documents for self-employed clients

Quicken Loans SVP David Schroeder explained to HousingWire that the company’s partners will be able to submit tax returns from self-employed clients prior to submitting the entire loan packages, allowing brokers to vet the income used to qualify their client. According to the company, this partnership means less wait time as the calculation can be finished in two hours, instead of the 24 hours needed for a full underwrite.


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