How LoanBeam Works

A summative look at how LoanBeam works and converts complex tax returns into a single, GSE certified, income calculation.

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Upload the borrower’s tax returns.

No matter how complex or how much paperwork is involved, getting the documents into LoanBeam is easy. You can either integrate the tool with your existing system (LoanBeam integration is available for several major LOS platforms) or use LoanBeam’s secure web portal.

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LoanBeam will scan and digest the documents.

Using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, LoanBeam automatically reads the uploaded PDFs, searching for any and all relevant data points. It then uses the submitted tax documents to give you the full story. Did the borrower’s 1040 indicate partnership income? If so, where is the corresponding 1065? LoanBeam asks the questions and searches for the answers so that you don’t have to.

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LoanBeam gives you a list of all missing tax documents.

LoanBeam’s scanning technology quickly identifies all missing tax documents and organizes them into an easy-to-read exceptions report which you can then take back to the borrower, avoiding process delays and minimizing customer impact. Get everything that you need in a fraction of the time that it usually takes.

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Choose your output options and get your results.

The underwriter can select output options that match common investor or underwriting guidelines (such as Fannie Mae’s 1084 Form and Freddie Mac’s Form 91, or the Schedule Analysis Method (SAM) Form) and LoanBeam will export the income analysis into a standard Microsoft Excel document.

Do what you do best.

Armed with accurate income information, the underwriter can apply their expertise, industry knowledge, and what they know of the customer to adjust the income data into a single, qualifying income stream that is accurate and transparent.

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