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Digitized Documents | LoanBeam Features | LoanBeam

Digitized Documents 
Unlike traditional e-filing software systems that scan and bookmark PDF documents, our OCR technology automatically converts PDFs into thousands of consumable data points.

Bi-level Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology | LoanBeam Features | LoanBeam

Bi-level Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology
Our dual-layer optical character recognition (OCR) process reads tax documents with unparalleled accuracy. This means no human error and a system that operates 24/7.

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API and Webhook Technology | LoanBeam Features | LoanBeam

API and Webhook Technology
Our REST API and webhooks allow companies to safely and easily connect your software with our calculation tools, decreasing engineering time and improving security.

 Data Validation | LoanBeam Features | LoanBeam

Data Validation
Using patented multi-factor authentication algorithms, income data is validated for accuracy and consistency. This protects against fraud and identifies missing income.

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Automated Income Trending

Automated Income Trending
Our income calculation engine automatically detects cash flow trends and determines qualifying income based on investor guidelines.

Tax Transcript Validation

Tax Transcript Validation 
Our technology automatically compares income documentation to tax transcript to validate data integrity.

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JSON Output | LoanBeam Features | LoanBeam

JSON Output
Your borrower’s qualifying income and calculations can be returned as a JSON file, capable of being adapted to any process flow.

Read-Ready | LoanBeam

We produce an easy-to-read, Excel-based output file with investor guidelines “baked in.” LoanBeam’s consistency reduces regulatory risk and “buy backs.”

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