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APPSolute Certainty

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APPSolute Certainty® combines trusted data sources and data intelligence to validate income claims.

APPSolute Transcripts

APPSolute Transcripts provides lenders with income validation services using certified IRS tax data.

  • Obtain Rep and Warranty relief on self-employed income*
  • Quickly and easily send 4506-T applications to the IRS for processing
  • Secure access to certified IRS tax data
  • Increases the scope of rep and warranty relief for Freddie Mac’s “AIM for Self Employed” offering*
  • Pre-check validation process reduces or eliminates costly and time consuming completion mistakes

*When combined with Loanbeam’s APPSolute Tax™ and Freddie Mac’s "AIM for Self-Employed" platform.

APPSolute Statements

Uses bank statements and Loanbeam’s Data Triangulation Engine® to validate income. (coming soon)

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