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APPSolute Income

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APPSolute Income combines Loanbeam’s patented Prism technology to extract, verify, and calculate income data from any income source.

Lenders using APPSolute Income get the benefit of up-front income validation*, regardless of document type.

Pay stubs, W2’s, 1040’s, and any other income documents are converted into consumable data points with the “press of a button,” flattening cycle times and improving borrower confidence.

APPSolute Tax

APPsolute Taxleverages Prism, Loanbeam’s extraction technology to convert tax documents – regardless of complexity – into GSE-Certified* “self-employed” income calculations and underlying consumable data points.

  • Reduces the risk assessment process by days
  • Provides up-front income security
  • Standardizes income assessment
  • Increases UW output
  • Bridges the “experience gap” for new staff
  • Reduces processing overhead
  • Scalable process flow
  • Protects against fraud
  • Provides rep and warranty relief* for “Self-Employed” borrowers
  • Returns GSE-specific income calculations
  • Detects income data inconsistencies
  • Integrates with major loan origination systems
  • Built on RESTful APIs for easy integration
  • Verifies income data against certified IRS data*
  • Flattens complex files into a single, pre-populated workbook

*Freddie Mac® and Fannie Mae® offer rep and warranty programs for APPSolute Tax’s income calculations.
**When combined with APPSolute Transcripts™.

APPSolute Wage

Powered by Prism™

APPSolute Wage leverages Prism™, Loanbeam’s extraction and triangulation software, to lift, verify, and calculate income from pay stubs and W-2s. Learn more about Prism.

Traditional document imaging platforms base their document recognition on traditional, template-based optical character recognition (OCR), which work great with documents that the system understands (i.e., documents previously templated by OCR programmers). However, template-based OCR is incapable of reading data from documents outside of templates previously programmed.

Loanbeam’s Prism™ technology, however, uses programmatic data pairing to decipher income data from unstructured documents, whether it has seen the document before or not.

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  • Automates income calculation on PDF-based pay stubs
  • Flattens income calculation in seconds rather than hours
  • Allows users to focus on risk assessment
  • Consumable, field-level data for seamless integration
  • Improves compliance risk
  • Improves workflow
  • Calculates borrower income from pay stubs and W-2’s in seconds
  • Uses programmatic configuration to consistently source and calculate income
  • Built on RESTful APIs for system automation
  • Prism technology validates income data programmatically
  • Automated technology works around the clock
  • Returns income with a confidence score
  • Friendly UX provides document transparency
  • Converts paper documents into consumable data points

It’s easy to get started.

Join the thousands of users who leverage Loanbeam each day to verify borrower income.

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