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Prism is a patent-pending data pairing technology that leverages machine learning to interpret, sanitize, categorize, and convert unstructured data points into an organized set of information.

How it works

Prism powers Loanbeam’s income calculation and verification engines.

Unlike other solutions in the industry which use traditional template-based OCR to translate income documents, Prism patented data pairing and formless document imaging to certify income.

  • Data is lifted from documents using formless data extraction technology
  • Data is sanitized for accuracy and relevance
  • Data is organized
  • Data is converted into useful information
  • All phases are fed back into Prism’s machine learning technology to improve the speed and accuracy of each

*Freddie Mac® and Fannie Mae® offer rep and warranty programs for LoanBeam Tax’s income calculations.
**When combined with LoanBeam Transcripts.


Prism™ allows lenders to convert unstructured pay stubs into consumable data points in seconds.​

  • It’s smart! Machine-learning technology continuously adjusts algorithms to make better, faster calculations
  • It’s plug-n-play! API-enabled infrastructure provides limitless integration options
  • It’s fast! Returns result in minutes

It’s easy to get started.

Join the thousands of users who leverage Loanbeam each day to verify borrower income.

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