Looming Student Debt, Declining Inventory, and Rising Interest Rates – How will Lenders Close the Gap?

In recent years, the mortgage industry has been strong, gradually recovering from the crash of 2008. However, several factors, such as rising interest rates and a reluctant new generation of potential buyers, are creating a sense of uncertainty across the mortgage landscape. As these obstacles reveal themselves in the years to come, it will be important for lenders to implement new technologies that minimize risk in an unsure environment. At this year’s MBA annual conference

Loftium: Home Buying for Millennials

Loftium: Home Buying for Millennials In an earlier post, we discussed the factors that cause millennials to delay purchasing a home. We examined how factors like student debt and financial insecurity make buying a home unrealistic for many young people. Concurrently, we discussed the necessity to develop creative solutions that will attract the millennial demographic to the idea of buying a home. In this post, we look at a start-up that hopes to capitalize on

E-Closings: The Final Step in Digital Mortgage

The digitization of the mortgage industry is taking another step forward, this time in the form of e-closings. The closing process has been difficult to digitize because of the requirement to meet in person with a notary or attorney to “wet sign” mortgage documents. However, back on July 28th, United Wholesale Mortgage completed its first e-closing. With the help of relatively new company, Notarize, which boasts the ability to “notarize your documents online,” United Wholesale

Mortgage Giant Goes Digital

The mortgage industry has historically been slow to replace the traditional manual processes with digital technology. With the success of Quicken Loans® digital mortgage platform, Rocket Mortgage®, however, digital integrations have been growing steadily. Now, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage®, the nation’s largest lender, is joining the ranks of lenders digitizing their application process. During the 2017 Investor Day presentation, Wells Fargo announced that they would deploy a digital mortgage experience in 2018. With this technological

Zillow: A Decade of Disruption

Founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, Zillow has spent the last decade becoming the largest real estate media company in the world. With 2,100 employees and a brand portfolio that includes Trulia, StreetEasy, and HotPads, the real estate giant has continually evolved and innovated to sustain its growth and fend of competitors. In doing so, Zillow has become one of the most prominent disruptors of a long-established real estate industry. As a