APPSolute Certainty™

APPSolute Certainty™ combines trusted data sources and data intelligence to validate borrower income claims.

The APPSolute Certainty™ suite includes:

APPSolute Transcripts™ – Income validation service that leverages IRS certified tax data.

APPSolute Statements™ – Uses bank statements and Loanbeam’s Data TriangulationEngine™ to validate income. (Coming Soon)

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APPSolute Income™

APPSolute Income™ leverages LoanBeam’s patented Prism™ technology to extract, verify, and calculate income data from any income source.

Lenders using APPSolute Income™ experience up-front income validation*, regardless of document type.

Income documents are converted into consumable data points with the “press of a button,” flattening cycle times and improving borrower confidence.

The APPSolute Income™ suite includes:

APPSolute Tax™  – Converts any tax document into consumable data points and calculates income.

APPSolute Wage™  – Converts pay stubs and W2s into consumable data points and calculates income.

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